The Last Daylight - 4449

Making a lot of smoke due to fuel oil of marginal quality, 4449 has left Jefferson, OR, and is approaching the Interstate 5 overpass on its way to Sacramento, CA, for the opening of the California State Railroad Museum. The popularity of the 4449 is illustrated here with quite a trackside audience. This was the first trip in Daylight colors since its "employment" as an American Freedom Train participant.
On display at Portland Union Station (I honestly can't remember the occasion).
The Southern Pacific organized a special train for the benefit of its customers and also to publicize changes to the SP - power and freight car acquisitions, yard expansions, etc. Leading the train was 4449. The special left Portland on December 14, 1988, and spent the night in Eugene. The next day saw the train travel to Roseburg where it again spent the night. The last day (16th) the train went as far south as Medford. The first three images, taken between Marion and Jefferson, OR, show the "The Spirit of the West Special" rolling south at track speed. The fourth picture shows the train accelerating out of Hallawell Siding (just south of Albany). Larry Tuttle has some images of the special on the Siskiyou Line on his Alpha Rail Pages web site.

Consist of the train was:

DLMX 5811: Tool Car
SP 295: Power Car
SP 298: Baggage Car
SP 292: Sleeper Car
SP 290: Diner Car "Audobon"
SP 291: Lounge Car "French Quarter"
SP 289: Lounge Car "City of Angels"
AMT 800318: Lounge Car "Utah"
AMT 800078: Dome Sleeper "California"
SP 106: Business Car "Oregon"
SP 100: Business Car "Airslie"
SP 141: Business Car "Oakland"
SP 140: Business Car "Stanford"
SP 150: Business Car "Sunset"

The Daylight cars continued on to California pulled by diesels, while the steamer and Rio Grande business cars returned to Portland. These photographs were also taken between Marion and Jefferson, OR.
Shortly after one of 4449's trips to Wenatchee, Burlington Northern added a new sign to their servicing facility at Portland's Hoyt St. Yard. Now we have..."Daylight Cascade Green." In all fairness, this is the location where the 4449 was restored to operational status for the American Freedom Train (The roundhouse, as well as the entire yard, has long since vanished into history).
Standing almost too close for comfort, 4449 is cruising through the west switch at Renard Siding, south of Salem, OR.
Not attracting much attention at all, a northbound 4449 has just passed over the west switch of the Toledo Branch wye in Albany, OR.
A forlorn locomotive, sitting by herself outside the Eugene, OR, enginehouse. The main driver had been dropped and shipped to a Vancouver, BC, shipyard for the casting and fitting of new bearings.
A clear November day provides a visual show as the 4449 crosses Interstate 5 and heads east out of Vancouver, WA, on her way to Wenatchee, WA, for several days of festivities and excursions.
The weather wasn't quite so cooperative for the return trip, as the steam train from Wenatchee is about to cross 8th St. in Vancouver, WA.
A slow-moving train made the trip from Vancouver to Portland easy to photograph as it arrives at Union Station. A couple of hundred yards and the trip is over.
Coming to a stop in Salem, OR, the train will attract a large crowd before continuing to Sacramento, CA, for the 10th anniversary of the California State Railroad Museum.
Rolling through Hallawell siding south of Albany, the train passes virtually unnoticed.
The Oregon State Fair may seem like a strange place to work on a locomotive, but that's exactly what's happening (Necessity is definitely the mother of invention). The connecting rod bearing brass had recently been replaced, and was running hotter than normal, so SP engineer and 4449 engineer Doyle McCormack was attempting to hone a little more clearance. In this image, he has found something else to tinker with.
The center of attention.
Doyle McCormack working on the bearing.
Another portrait.
At rest in the Brooklyn (Portland) roundhouse, the smokebox of the Spokane, Portland & Seattle 4-8-4 #700 can be seen just to the left. The roundhouse was a highlight of the yard tour during the NMRA Convention.
At the request of the Willamette & Pacific, the 4449 made a series of trips, eventually travelling nearly all of the trackage that had been leased from the Espee. This was quite possibly the first time a locomotive of this size had ever travelled over the light trackage. Here the train is entering McMinnville, on SP's former Westside Branch, and will pause by the 1915 depot before traveling south.
Another view at 3rd St. showing the Willamette & Pacific lettering on the tender.
Returning from a trip to Vancouver, BC, the train has left Burlington Northern's Lake Yard, and will tie up at Portland Union Station to help celebrate the station's 100th birthday, where the remainder of these photos were taken.
Not just another pretty face!
A very recognizable logo!
Builder's plate and American Freedom Train plaque.
A gratuitous detail shot!
A study in metal --or-- "Motion at Rest."
The office.
Two 4-8-4's, side by side, with steam up. When the Union Pacific 4-6-2 #3203 (Oregon Railroad & Navigation Co. #197) is restored to operation, the city of Portland will have 3 (!) operational steam locomotives.
After spending the duration of the Oregon State Fair in Salem, the 4449 traveled south to Albany to turn on the Toledo Branch wye and pick up a load of oil (waste crankcase oil donated by the Portland & Western RR). Later that afternoon the train returned to Portland via the ex-Oregon Electric line. The first two pictures show the train entering the south end of the Portland & Western's Millersburg Yard (ex-Oregon Electric Albany Yard).
These two pictures were taken at the Dever-Conner grade crossing about 5 miles north of Albany.

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