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          Welcome to the Photo Page, where the visitor will find a variety of images relating to the Southern Pacific's Shasta Route, as well as other facets of the SP in the west.

          Hopefully, this page will be updated on a somewhat regular basis. As the Union Pacific's presence on SP lines increases, images of the UP (and Amtrak) will also be included. Also, the Willamette & Pacific, Portland & Western, Central Oregon & Pacific railroads will be represented, as these shortlines are operating on ex-SP rails throughout western Oregon. This may appear to conflict with the intent of this site, but in fact will continue to demonstrate that the scenery through which SP's rails were laid, is still some of the most beautiful anywhere in the country.

Copyright Notice

All images are the property of John Mosbarger, and are protected by all applicable copyright laws.

These images are provided for personal use only, and may be downloaded and utilized solely for that purpose.
They are not intended, and cannot be used, for commercial use in any form.

Contemporary Action on the Shasta Route
Portland to Eugene/Springfield
(88 Images)

Crescent Lake to Klamath Falls

(9 Images)
Judkins to Oakridge
(23 Images)
Worden to Dunsmuir
(34 Images)
Pryor to Salt Creek Trestle
(20 Images)
Castle Crag to Roseville
(30 images)
Wicopee to Cascade Summit
(39 Images)
Antelope to the Bay Area
(12 Images)
The Siskiyou Line
(17 Images)
A Cab Ride Down the "Hill"
(15 Images)
The Last Daylight - 4449
(55 Images)
The "Other" Daylight - 6051
(13 Images)
(113 Images)
(97 Images)
Moving the Halsey, Oregon Depot
(20 Images)
SD40T-2 Details
(58 Images)
(38 Images)
Rolling Stock
Boxcars (50- & 70-Ton)
(94 Images)
Boxcars (100-Ton)
(52 Images)
(8 Images)
Covered/Open Hoppers
(78 Images)
Woodchip Gondolas
(38 Images)

(81 Images)
(51 Images)
Mechanical Reefers
(35 Images)
Intermodal Equipment

Well Cars (90 Images)
Autoracks (48 Images)
Trailers/Loaders (8 Images)

Golden West Service

Boxcars (81 Images)
Flatcars, Gondolas, Hoppers, Refrigerator Cars (86 Images)

Maintenance of Way Equipment

Tankcar / Water Cars (20 images)
Boxcars (2 images)
Flatcars (35 images)
Gondolas (5 images)
Cranes (17 images)
Tool Cars (8 images)
Crew Cars (8 images)
Spreaders (24 images)
Flangers (24 images)
Ballast Gondolas (24 images)
Ballast Hoppers (8 images)
Track Equipment (4 images)
Rotary Snowplows (6 images)
Scale Test Cars (5 images)
Vehicles (6 images)

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